Make sure you pick up your copy of our local newspaper, The Grenfell Record, to keep up with all that is happening in the Weddin Shire.

I will be writing a regular column 'Our Town', for the Grenfell Record ' to promote Our Town, our way of life and the many wonderful people who make this town the amazing place we all call home. I would like to feature different community members, share their stories and reasons for choosing to live in the Weddin Shire. I would like to know and share the kind deeds that people do, the joy that comes your way, the family celebrations that signify milestones in your lives, the shared events, achievements or happenings in neighbourhoods, clubs, teams, schools and the community. I would like you as readers to contribute everything reflective of Our Town, that is, all things that smaller communities are notoriously famous for that constitute our country way of life.'

If you live some distance away and can't pick up a copy of the Grenfell Record you can keep up with all the news online